Displaying the Pictures


I have used Jalbum for a long time to prepare my hiking pictures for viewing. This program is FREE but has incredible support from the author and from others who use the program. The skins are constantly being improved and more are added. Changes in the main program occur as many user suggestions are incorporated into the design. My only problem is deciding which skins to use. I have been using Fotoplayer, FotoSlides and Turtle which means I must prepare and post the pictures three times! This is a waste of time and space so I have finally settled on the Turtle skin since it is offers a clean display with may options, is currently being developed and does NOT require FLASH. If you have personal photos to process and display, give this program a try. They now offer FREE space on the web to store your pictures with reasonably priced upgrades for more storage. The website has also recently been update and improved. Try the following to view albums displayed with Jalbum.

Turtle (non-Flash based)

Taking the Pictures

Taking pictures of my hikes had become almost as important to me as the hiking itself. I sometimes forgo bagging a peak to go to a place with better views. I often venture to places I have not been to see new views and take new pictures. Sometimes I return to places to get better or different shots that I missed the last time I was there. Taking photographs for me is a way to document my hikes and a way to share the beauty of nature with others.

I traded in my trusty Kodak Z650 camera for a Kodak Z980 which Kodak no longer makes! The Z650 had 6 megapixels and 10x zoom while the Z980 had 12 megapixels and a 24x wide angle zoom lens. The Z650 camera took very nice pictures which even look good when enlarged to poster sizes. The Z980 simply had better resolution and a MUCH better lens. It also took larger memory cards so that I could take over 3000 12 megapixel pictures on one card!

I got a Canon EOS Xti DSLR started to learn how to use it. It was too bulky for me to carry on hikes particularly since I needed a 75-300 telephoto lens along with the supplied kit lens. It was hard for me to carry my pack AND the camera case so I had to figure out how to do both. A case for the camera and a separate case for the lens so that I can put both in the pack seemed the best bet. There were places where I could take the camera and I got some good pictures. For all the “bother” I have to admit the picture quality and versatility beat the point-and-shoot models I had.

My newest camera is a point-and-shoot Canon SX40HS which has a 35x optical zoom wide angle lens and 12 megapixels of resolution. It takes very nice pictures and has more settings than I can use. It isn’t small but fits in the main compartment of my pack easily. The camera has a rechargeable battery which can be a drawback but this one stays charged for a long time.