Round Top Loops

gps_pictalltrailscaltopomapmyhikeOn Thursday, December 7th my brother-in-law, Jeff, came to our house to do some “shopping”. I have entirely too much hiking equipment and Jeff has recently decided to begin hiking. After picking out some boots and a set of poles, we decided we should check them out by going across the street to hike on Round Top. Jeff put on a new pair of boots and I got dressed to hike. The temperature was still in the high 30’s so I wore my Mammut hoody since it has a lot of zippers to dump heat. Sheila was happy to go as I put her on her leash to walk across the street. We walked through the field next to the church and walked up the steep but short cemetery hill with Sheila giving me a little help as she pulled me up the hill. We turned left and entered the trail at about 10:15 AM. At the first trail junction Sheila turned right to head up the more gentle slope and we followed her. Where the trail split we continued to follow the yellow blazed lower trail which skirts the base of Round Top. At the next trail junction, we stayed on the yellow trail as it turned left. We walked down to the lookout over town and stopped for a few minutes to take in the view. We walked to the lower rock ledges to get a better look and then headed back to the main trail. We walked down the hill and back to the first trail junction. We turned around and headed back up to the lookout and followed the yellow trail to the trail junction. This time we continued straight ahead on the blue blazed upper trail which is a little steeper. We walked over the summit of Round Top and down the other side. At the trail junction we continued straight ahead on the lower trail and walked back to the first trail junction. At this point it was getting a little late so we turned left and headed out to the trailhead and down the cemetery hill to the church. We walked across the field and back to our driveway. It was about 11:30 AM and we had covered about 2 miles. What made the trip really worthwhile was that it allowed Jeff to “trail test” the boots which he found comfortable and supportive.

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