Round Top (Figure 8’s)

gps_pictalltrailscaltopomapmyhikeOn Wednesday, December 6th I knew I needed to get out after several days of family commitments but I had to do it before my indoor track practice started. I decided to simply head across the street to Round Top and do some figure 8’s just for the exercise. Sheila was happy to get out as we headed down the driveway and across the street for a hike on Round Top at about 10:00 AM. We crossed the street with Sheila on her leash and walked to the back of the church. We began the ascent of the steepest hill behind the church. The hill is short but really gets the circulation pumping and is the steepest and longest climb on the “trail”. Sheila helped me along by pulling me up the hill. When we got to the top of the hill, we started out on the trail by turning left at the trailhead. As soon as we entered the trees I released Sheila from her leash. At the first trail junction we continued straight ahead to walk the steeper path to the viewpoint. At the lookout I noted that there was no garbage and everything was in order. We followed the trail to the right and started the gentle climb through the woods. When we reached the next trail junction, we stayed to the right to follow the lower trail around the base of Round Top to the next junction. At this junction we turned left and started up to the summit of Round Top on the steeper blue trail. We walked across the summit of Round Top and down the other side which is also a little steep. When we got to the yellow trail, we turned left to follow it to the second trail junction. This time we turned right and followed the yellow trail back to the very first trail junction. Just as we turned onto the woods road there was a small tree across the trail. It was long enough and heavy enough that I could not move it. I decided I would come back with a saw in the near future to remove it. At the trail junction we turned around and retraced our steps taking the more gentle path this time. When the yellow trail turned left, we followed it to the next trail junction were we turned right and headed up the blue trail to the summit. We walked over the top and down the other side to the yellow trail again. We turned right and followed the trail along the base of Round Top. Where the yellow trail turned left, we followed it to the left and down to the lookout. From the lookout we walked down hill to the first trail junction. My goad was to do four figure 8’s. It takes me about 20 minutes to do one. We repeated the first two figure 8’s with me taking time to think about various topics. Sheila was well-behaved and stayed with me most of the time except on the final round. She decided to go absolutely crazy and dash up and down the trail as she sometimes does. After finishing the last figure 8, we walked out to the trailhead. I put Sheila on her leash and we walked down the cemetery hill and across the field to our driveway. It was 11:45 AM and we had hiked about 3.3 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes. It must have been a good workout as I was tired.

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