Round Top Loops

gps_pictalltrailscaltopomapmyhikeOn Monday, September 4th I decided I wanted to get out and hike before attending a family reunion in the afternoon. Rather than spend time driving somewhere, I decided to simply go across the street to Round Top and hike some loops for an hour or so. It was 70 degrees at the house and a little humid when I put Sheila on her leash and started down the driveway. I elected to leave my pack behind but to take my hiking poles to prevent “sausage fingers”. We crossed the street and the field by the church and started up the hill to the top of the cemetery. Sheila was willing to pull so I let her help me up the steep but short hill. At the trailhead we turned left into the forest and after a few feet I let Sheila off her leash. It was a little cooler out of the direct sun but not much cooler. At the first trail junction I decided to let Sheila chose the way. She turned right and started up the more gentle slope of the trail and I followed. When the lower trail made a sharp left, we continued straight ahead on the upper trail. The trail was easy to follow with the bright blue blazes. Some places did need some trimming and there were a few stumps and roots that I will have to remove. We followed the trail across the flat summit and down the other side to the lower trail. We turned right to continue on the lower trail. We continued downhill to the lookout where I found no garbage or recent indications of fires. We turned left to follow the lower trail back to the first trail junction. We had completed one long loop.

We immediately turned left and started up the gentler slope in the same direction we had gone on the first lap. This time when the yellow trail turned left we continued to follow it along the base of Round Top. At the next trail junction we turned left again following the yellow trail. At the lookout we turned left and walked down to the first trail junction. We had now completed a long loop and a short loop. I started back up the trail by turning left but Sheila started out to the trailhead. She saw me start back up the trail and followed me. We walked another long loop exactly the same way we had walked the first. When we arrived back at the first trail junction, Sheila ran ahead of me toward the trailhead. I made the left turn intending to do one more short loop. Sheila was pretty far along the trail to the trailhead and did not want to turn around. I made up my mid that I would win this battle and continued up the trail. Before long Sheila ran by me and I could almost hear her sigh. I don’t think she was tired but just bored. We completed the short loop and this time we headed out to the trailhead. I put Sheila on her leash and we walked down the cemetery hill and across the field by the church to the driveway and home. We had taken about 1 hour and 5 minutes to hike 3 miles. It was not an interesting hike by it was good exercise.

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