AT: Depot Hill to Nuclear Lake

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Monday, June 30th I wanted to continue my quest to finish the AT in New York by returning to the area east of Fishkill. After hiking part of the AT from Route 52 to near Depot Hill Road the day before I wanted to finish this section. After hiking over 9 miles the day before, I wasn’t sure how much I would want to extend the hike. When we returned to Route 55 from Depot Hill I would decided if I wanted to hike to the east toward Nuclear Lake. I awoke early and decided to get started as soon as possible Sheila and I left Livingston Manor before 8:00 AM and headed down route 17 to I84. Continue reading

AT: Route 52 to Depot Hill

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Sunday, June 29th I wanted to continue my quest to finish the AT in New York by returning to the area east of Fishkill. The hike from Route 52 to Route 55 was listed as 7.5 miles making a round trip of 15 miles which seemed a little long to me. I decided to start at Route 52 and hike as far as I could, probably to Depot Hill Road passed the Morgan Stewart Shelter. I left Livingston Manor before 9:00 AM and took Route 17 to I84 across the Newburgh-Beacon bridge. I took exit 16N to get on the Taconic but got off at the next exit on Route 52. I was not sure I would recognize the place where I ended my last hike in the area but I had no problem finding the spot at around 10:00 AM. Continue reading

NYNJ Border to Village Vista

NYNJVillageVistaJun2014_01camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Tuesday, June 24th I wanted to finish a small section of the AT from the NY-NJ border to Bellvale Mountain. This would leave only 20 miles from Route 52 to the Connecticut border. The section I wanted to hike was only 1.6 miles one way but it was on the ridge and the hike to that point was over a mile and very steep. The day was forecast to be partly sunny with only a 10% chance of rain but when we left Livingston Manor at 8:45 AM it was almost completely overcast. I took Route 17 south and east to the exit for Florida. I followed Route 17A through Florida and Warwick and then toward Greenwood Lake. Continue reading

Sun, Rain and Thunderstorms!

The week of June 22nd started with a warm and sunny Sunday. The temperatures on Monday and Tuesday are forecast to reach into the high 70’s or low 80’s even in the northern Catskills. Thunderstorms are forecast to move into the Catskills On Wednesday with some possibly violent weather in some areas. Thursday and Friday see a return of the warm and sunny weather from the beginning of the week. A shower is possible on Saturday but the forecast right now is variables. Remember, the weather forecast is only a prediction and always contains percentages. Be prepared and have a plan for the most likely and least likely forecast! Are you prepared to stay out overnight on a trail? Conditions in the morning can change drastically by afternoon. Conditions at the trailhead do not always reflect the conditions on the peaks! Variable trail and weather conditions are a hallmark of these mountains. BE CAREFUL AND BE PREPARED!

Warwick Turnpike to State Line

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Monday, June 23rd I wanted to continue hiking the AT in New Jersey from the Warwick Turnpike to the New York-New Jersey border near Greenwood Lake. The forecast was for warm temperatures and clear skies so Cindy decided to come along. We got a later start than I had anticipated but this let some early morning haze burn off. We left Livingston Manor at about 9:30 AM and took Route 17 south and east to the exit for Florida. We followed Route 17A through Florida and Warwick until it turned into Route 94. We turned left on Warwick Turnpike and started to look for the pulloff on the left where Kurt and I had ended our hike on Saturday. Continue reading

Waywayanda Vista to Warwick Turnpike

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Saturday, June 21st my son Kurt was coming to Sullivan County and had time to do a hike with me. I was excited as we do not get to hike together often and I started to consider where we might go to hike. I wanted to continue the Long Path north of Windham but was also interested in hiking part of the AT in northern New Jersey. When Kurt arrived at about 9:15 AM I presented both choices and we discussed them. We decided to head for New Jersey to hike the AT and left almost immediately. My plan was to park on Barrett Road off Route 94 south of Warwick. This was in the middle of a section of the AT that I had not hiked. This would give us the opportunity to hike from the car to the Pinwheel Vista on Waywayanda Mountain an then hike back to the car. We could then decided if we still wanted to hike from the car to the Warwick Turnpike and back. Continue reading

Route 10 to Barlow Notch

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Friday, June 20th I was ready to hike again and was trying to decide between going north or south. To the north I wanted to complete the section of the Long Path from Route 10 to Barlow’s Notch. In New Jersey there were sections of the AT from Waywayanda Mountain to just beyond the New York border. In the end I decided to head north and complete the Long Path section and perhaps hike a small part of the next section. I left Livingston Manor at about 9:15 AM and headed to Windham by driving up the Beaverkill Road to the Barkaboom Road and the taking Route 30 to Route 28. In Margaretville I headed north again on Route 30 to Roxbury and Grand Gorge. In Grand Gorge I took Route 23 through Prattsville to Windham. Along the way I noticed a rather large falls that I had never seen before and thought I might stop on the way back. Continue reading

Windham to Barlow Notch

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Tuesday, June 17th I was ready to hike again after an 8 mile effort in northern New Jersey the day before. I thought I might visit the noteworthy Catskills as I expected slightly lower temperatures and not too many insects. I decided to fill in some sections of the Long Path north of Windham. Sheila and I would be making the trip by ourselves as Cindy was tired from the day before. I wanted to hike from Windham to Greene County Route 10 but the one-way distance is 7.5 miles over three different mountains. I did not think I would be able to handle 15 miles so I decided to hike about halfway and turn around at Barlow Notch. This part of the Long Path climbs the shoulder of Ginseng Mountain to Jennie Notch. The trail then loops around the summit and drops significantly to Barlow Notch. These notches have historical significance as they were the routes used by early engineers to build roads in the mountains. Roads through the notches weren’t easy to construct but it was much easier that trying to go up and over the summit of even the lower peaks. Continue reading

Glenwood Road to Route 94

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Monday, June 16th I was ready to hike again after almost a week off. Last week had several rainy days. On Friday we made a trip to Pennsylvania sine our daughter gave birth to her first child on Saturday. We were back by Sunday but I was preaching and it was Father’s Day! I knew that I would have to pick a hike that had some special interest to entice Cindy to go along. This was especially true since the forecast called for temperatures in the 80’s! I asked her if she would like to hike a section of the AT in Vernon Township in northern New Jersey. This section included the popular Pochuck Boardwalk and suspension bridge. The idea must have piqued her interest as she agreed to go. The drive is surprisingly short at a little over an hour. We left Livingston Manor at about 8:45 AM and took Route 17 south and east to the exit for Florida. Continue reading

Frick and Hodge Pond Mosquito Feeding

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhike On Tuesday, June 10th I asked Cindy if she would like to take a walk and she agreed. We both had late afternoon commitments so we knew we would have to stay close to home. In addition, the weather forecast was unsettled and indicated possible showers or thunderstorms after noon. We got started shortly after Karl left the house and arrived at the Frick Pond parking area by 10:30 AM. Sheila was more than ready to get going. It was just under 70 degrees but the humidity was high. I decided to wear a long-sleeved shirt while Cindy chose a short-sleeved one. The ground seemed much damper than in Livingston Manor and we thought there might be some insects around so we covered exposed areas of skin with Herbal Armor. Soon we were on the trail toward Frick Pond. Continue reading