Frick and Hodge Ponds: Big Rock Trail

On Thursday, February 27th, I wanted to go out to snowshoe again on the hard, crusted snow. I wasn’t really thinking about doing a mountain so I decided to go to the Frick Pond area again. Going to Frick Pond has both advantages and disadvantages. I know the area very well and can pick different trail combinations but it still is boring to do the same hikes again and again. I decided my objective this time would be to hike as quickly as I could and get as much elevation gain as I could. My plan was to hike out the Quick Lake trail and then take the Logger’s Loop to the Big Rock Trail. The Big Rock trail has the most elevation gain in the shortest distance. This is a snowmobile trail so I expected it to be well packed. My plan after that was to take the FLynn Trail passed Hodge Pond to Junkyard Junction and then continue back to Frick Pond for between 6 and 8 miles. The mooning was COLD and I had some things to take care of around the house. By the time I got my gear rounded up and Sheila in the car it was 11:30 AM. We arrived at the trailhead parking at 11:45 AM. Continue reading

Frick and Hodge Ponds Snowshoe

FrickHodgeSnowshoeFeb2014_01camera32On Monday, February 24th, I was ready to try to snowshoe a longer loop and Frick and Hodge Ponds. The previous two hikes had ended with a very short loop around Frick Pond due to the deep snow (30+ inches) that made movement difficult. On these trips I had sunk at least 10 inches into the snow and then had to lift my foot out of that hole with snow on top of the snowshoe. In both cases I was the only one breaking the trail and quickly became tired. I expected different conditions this time as several warm days with a little rain had been followed by cold weather. I hoped that there would be a crust that would allow me to stay on top of the snow this time! My plan was to take the Quick Lake Trail to Iron Wheel Junction and then return on the Loggers Loop. Continue reading

Round Top Snowshoe

camera32On Thursday, February 20th, the temperature had gotten up to above freezing with a bright sun. Despite the increase in temperature there was still plenty of snow for snowshoeing. Cindy and I decided to take our grandson Bryce across the street for another outing on snowshoes. We got dressed and equipped and headed across the street. The snow in the field was deep and heavy from the rain and warm temperatures. Bryce made it across the field but by that time was a little tired. Cindy decided to take him back home while Sheila and I continued up the hill. When we got to the top, we stopped so that I could take some pictures. It was obvious that there was still a good covering of snow on the hills around Livingston Manor. Continue reading

Frick Pond Snowshoe

On Sunday, February 16th, I wanted to go snowshoeing again to take advantage of the 30 inches of snow on the ground. I had been out the previous day with Cindy and had found he going VERY difficult especially when breaking new trail. I had mentioned that I was going out to my friend JP and he said he would like to try it. JP did not have snowshoes but that was not a problem as I have eight pairs of my own. We both had commitments at church in the morning and decided to meet at 1:00 PM to hike. When I got home, I got dressed and put two pairs of snowshoes and poles in my car. Continue reading

Frick Pond Snowshoe

camera32On Saturday, February 15th, we had gotten well over 24 inches of NEW snow from two or three separate snowfalls. The roads had been plowed and sanded but still had a significant amount of snow and slush on them. Cindy and I decided we needed to get out of the house to try to snowshoe. We thought that the road to Frick Pond might be plowed and that there was a good chance that a parking area might be cleared. We got all our gear and put Sheila in the back seat for the trip. The roads were passable and we arrived at the parking area on beech Mountain Road a little after 11:00 AM. The smaller parking area was cleared and we got our gear on to start our hike. We crossed the road and mounted the high snow bank to start up the Flynn Trail. Continue reading

Bryce’s First Snowshoe

On Thursday, February 6th, we had gotten several inches of new snow and our grandson Bryce was at our house. Cindy and I decided to take him across the street and up some hills for his first real snowshoe trek. There is a pretty steep hill behind the church and we decided that we would go to the top and then come back down. The day was a little cool with temperatures in the low 20’s and there was a slight breeze. This didn’t seem to bother almost 3 year old Bryce and Sheila was certainly ready to go. Somehow the three of us got our snowshoes on and walked out the driveway. Safely crossing the street was a challenge but soon we were in the small field next to the church. Continue reading

Balsam Lake Mountain

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Saturday, February 1st I wanted to hike a 3500 foot peak and decided on Balsam Lake Mountain. Cindy wanted to go along so we got our gear and put Sheila in the backseat for the trip up the Beaverkill Road. We were not sure we would be able to get all the way to the trailhead parking area and decided that Alder Lake would be our alternative. The road to the trailhead is not always plowed and even if it is the last mile can be very icy. There hadn’t been much snow so we decided to only bring the spikes and forego the snowshoes. The road was a little tricky ins some spots especially after the Quill Gordon Lodge. It was slow going but we made it by just before 11:00 AM. Continue reading