Trout Pond (Clockwise)


On Monday, March 31st, I decided I wanted get out and do a hike on the last day of March. I had not hiked for almost a week and Sheila and I were to hit the trails. Sunday night and Monday morning had brought some sleet and freezing rain so I waited some time before heading for Roscoe and Morton Hill Road. I wanted to hike around Trout Pond and visit Russell Brook Falls since there had been significant rainfall and melting over the weekend. I thought the falls might be flowing rather well and at this time offer the water is usually clear instead of muddy. It was almost 11:00 AM when I parked at the side of Morton Hill Road near the intersection with Russell Brook Road. Continue reading

Neversink Unique Area: Mullet Brook Falls

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Tuesday, March 25th Lisa wanted to go hiking somewhere. We discussed the area around Campbell Brook but I suggested the Neversink Unique Area. I had been there recently and hiked to Denton and High Falls but missed Mullet Brook Falls. I wanted to see these falls in the winter as I suspected they would be interesting. I agreed to meet Lisa downtown at her store at 9:00 AM. I got my gear and Sheila in the car and headed downtown to pick up Lisa at 9:00 AM. I put both spikes an snowshoes in the car but was pretty sure I would wear the snowshoes as the spikes had not proved adequate on my last trip. We arrived at the trailhead at the end of Katrina Falls Road just after 9:30 AM. We inspected the trail and although it seemed firm and the temperature was in the twenties, I decided to wear the snowshoes and Lisa agreed. Continue reading

Hodge and Frick Ponds Snowshoe


On Friday, March 21st, I was ready to get in the first hike of the spring even though there was still over a foot of snow on the ground in many places! I decided to return to Frick Pond to hike up the Flynn Trail and down the Quick Lake Trail back to Frick Pond. I put my gear including the snowshoes in the trunk and got a very eager Sheila into the back seat. On my last hike in the area I had only worm spikes. As the day warmed, the snow became soft and the spikes were useless as I sunk into the snow. I had already decided I would wear the snowshoes! We arrived at 11:05 AM to find two other car in the lot. I put on my snowshoes and we crossed the road to get on the Flynn Trail. Continue reading

Winter Ends – Spring Begins ?

Winter is officially over tomorrow and we celebrate the beginning of spring! Around here it is hard to tell the difference as there is still snow on the ground and more in the forecast. If you gain even a small amount of elevation, the snow depth increases dramatically in most areas. I look forward to warmer weather but expect to get several more snowshoe hikes in before that time!

Trout Pond

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhikeOn Wednesday, March 19th I wanted to get in a final hike for the winter season. I wanted to go close to home and thought some company would be nice so I called Lisa and she readily agreed to go. We decided to visit Trout Pond which is a favorite although I had not been there since January. I didn’t know what to expect as far as trail conditions and the volume of water at the falls Lisa arrived at 9:00 AM and I already had Sheila and my gear in the car. After several hikes without snowshoes when snowshoes were needed I had put both spikes and snowshoes in the car. By the time we left the house the temperature was in the high 20’s. As we drove up Morton Hill Road just outside of Roscoe the amount of snow on the ground started to increase. Continue reading

Neversink Unique Area: Denton and High Falls

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhike On Saturday, March 15th I had planned to head for Slide Mountain to hike from Route 47 up the Curtis Ormsbee Trail and then down the main route back to the car. Cindy consulted the weather map and warned me that I might run into a cold rain if I went north. She also reminded me that we had encountered a full parking area the Saturday before and suggested I head a little south. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do but I decided to head for the Neversink Unique area and to hike along the river. I thought I could get a good workout if I went far enough. I also hoped to get some good pictures of Denton Falls and High Falls with ice still on the river. Continue reading

Belleayre Attempt

On Saturday, March 8th I wanted to do a hike that Cindy could manage but with some distance or difficulty or both. The weather report called for clear skies with temperatures rising above freezing later in the day. I proposed we hike Hunter from Spruceton but she thought that might be too difficult. We decided to head for Slide from Route 47 as it was closer and is only a six mile round trip. We had some work to do around the house before leaving and didn’t get going until after 10:00 AM. Sheila was certainly ready to go and made a dash for the car. We had learned our lesson from a previous hike and put the snowshoes and the spikes in the car. Continue reading

Round Top

On Thursday, March 6th, I wanted to get out of the house but I didn’t have much time. I decided to go across the street and hike a short route on Round Top. It was still a little cold to take Bryce out but Sheila seemed more than willing to go. We headed across the street at about 11:30 AM. I had decided not to repeat my mistake from Tuesday at Frick Pond. On that hike I had thought spikes would be enough as the snow was frozen. This was true for most of the hike but not for the return trip on the Flynn Trail. On this day I put the snowshoes on a the end of the driveway and wore them for the entire hike. Even as we started up the hill behind the church, it was obvious that snowshoes had been the correct decision! I stayed on the unbroken snow as several people had postholed in boots. I had decided not to wear my pack and the freedom was welcomed. At the top of the hill we turned left into the woods and shortly after that right onto another woods road. We followed our usual route up the hill and passed the quarry. We descended the hill without actually getting to the summit of Round Top and then started up the next hill. Some of the trails were packed by snowmobiles but most were unbroken and the snowshoes REALLY helped. I got a nice slide down the other side of the hill and we were soon making the turn to head back. This part of the hike usually seems long but on this day it seemed to fly by. We made the circle to complete the loop to the base of the second hill. From There it was a short climb to the quarry and then a long downhill stretch back to the cemetery. We spent a little over an hour hiking a little more than two miles which was much better than staying in the house all day!

Frick Pond Spikes Only

On Tuesday, March 4th, I wanted to go out to snowshoe again on the hard, crusted snow. I wasn’t really thinking about doing a mountain so I decided to go to the Frick Pond area again. Going to Frick Pond has both advantages and disadvantages. I know the area very well and can pick different trail combinations but it still is boring to do the same hikes again and again. This time Lisa wanted to go so I would have someone to talk to as we hiked. We decided to hike at around 10:00 AM but Lisa had some things to do so we didn’t get to the trailhead until almost 11:00 Am. We had decided that the crust was hard enough to just wear spikes. There was a crew from the DEC returning to the parking lot after erecting new signs. Lisa talked to them for a few minutes before we headed out the Quick Lake Trail toward Frick Pond. Lisa had not been on the trail for some time while it was at least my fifth time in the last few weeks. Continue reading

AT: Fitzgerald Falls to Mombasha High Point

camera32gps_pictalltrailseverytrailcaltopomapmyhike On Saturday, March 1st I was ready to get out and hike a mountain or at least leave the Livingston Manor area. Cindy suggested we head south so that it would be little warmer. I agreed as temperatures near single digits are a little low for Sheila on a prolonged hike. I looked at several different possibilities in the Harriman area but wasn’t completely decided when we left the house. I had packed spikes and put snowshoes in the car as I was not sure what to expect. As we drove down the Quickway, I though that Cindy might enjoy hiking to Fitzgerald falls on the AT. We could continue after that to the junction with the Highlands Trail and maybe even make it to Little Dam Lake. Continue reading